There are two types of Vendor of the Year awards: an overall Neighborly® Vendor of the Year and a brand-specific Vendor of the Year. Each brand votes for its "brand-specific" vendor among any vendor who works with that brand (provided the vendor meets all other criteria), even if the vendor works with any other or all brands. A vendor can potentially be voted the overall Neighborly Vendor of the Year, as well as Vendor of the Year for one or more brands.

To be considered for either award you must meet the following criteria:

  • Do business using our Code of Values as a guide
  • Handle issues in a professional manner
  • Provide an additional benefit to our members, i.e. rebates, training, support of systems
  • Are in good standing on all reports/fees/rebates to ProTradeNet® and brands
  • Attended the previous year's Reunion
  • Are accessible to members as well as our Neighborly brands' corporate associates
  • Actively support our members and brands to achieve business goals

ProTradeNet will create surveys that list all vendors who meet the criteria above. Surveys will be sent to all current members via email for voting.

Based on your Distributor Vendor Relations Agreement, please submit reports by the 15th of the month following your cutoff date. You can email your reports in .CSV, .XLS or .XLSX format to [email protected]. We also ask that you use the reporting template provided by our Vendor Account Specialist or Financial Reporting Manager.

To generate exposure among our members, ProTradeNet preferred vendors are encouraged to participate in all of the program’s marketing channels:

  • Vendor customized landing page on the PTN website – includes company info, images, documents, videos, links, promotions, etc.
  • Active member lists with emails, addresses and phone numbers for vendor use in direct marketing
  • Send direct marketing campaigns to PTN for approval. The approval process is quick and meant to provide guidance on Neighborly terminology and culture. Also, please use the PTN preferred vendor icon. Members use the icon to recognize and identify our preferred vendors.
  • Promotional incentives marketed by PTN via member e-news, brand e-news, brand intranet sites, and the PTN member homepage
  • Exhibitor at brand-specific conferences and Neighborly’s annual Reunion
  • Details about the PTN Vendor Directory*, additional advertising opportunities, and Reunion sponsorships are available in the PTN promo kit. *All vendors receive a basic listing in the directory at no cost.

Member contact lists are included in our vendor e-news, which is distributed through a Constant Contact email the second Wednesday of each month. The lists are divided by brand and country (U.S. and Canada). In addition to the lists, the newsletter shares important program information and announcements.

Important program information is shared through our monthly vendor e-news and posted on the vendor home of the PTN website. We encourage vendors to visit the site on a regular basis.