GM | MY23 Truck Order Bank: 5/26

May 20, 2022

Vehicles will continue to be in short supply and high demand, so it is essential to be proactive in ordering and planning your upcoming vehicle needs. Order-to-delivery times and inventory levels are improving, however, logistical issues remain an industry-wide problem, and GM does not expect to see pre-pandemic inventory levels anytime soon.

Vehicle pricing will be locked in as of order date, not production/purchase date as in previous years. Order under the PTN FAN 920663 and with CAP code: KHC. Trucks will not be on allocation, and while in limited supply, they will be easier to source than service vans. For those that require a van, one solution to explore is upfitting a truck purchase with a slip-in service capsule. Vans will be on allocation through GM Fleet, upfitters, and dealerships and not available to order until June 16.

PTN's GM Fleet rep, Anthony Guerrette, has requested several large commercial dealerships order MY23 trucks on May 26 to be reserved for Neighborly® brands franchise owners. For questions or assistance ordering, please contact Anthony at (305) 619-8871 or And as always, please connect with Anthony before heading to your local dealership, so he may assist in facilitating the relationship and explaining to the dealer how PTN's incentive program works.

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