GPS Track | Save in Q3 on FleetMobile SSE

Jul 5, 2022

With the best-in-class smartphone GPS tracking, tracking the location of your drivers has never been easier. And it's not just live GPS tracking on a map, the GPS Track USA app can also detect driving behavior like speeding, harsh braking, and rapid acceleration. GPS Track USA's FleetMobile SSE is loaded with features including live maps & breadcrumbs, driver grouping & hierarchies, trip details & trip detection, stop time & number of stops, usage summary, geofences, scheduled reports, custom reporting, and driver coaching. Any Real Property Management franchise owner who signs up now through September 30, 2022, will have a reduced rate of $16.99/month (with a 12-month agreement plus a $35 activation fee per unit). After that, the cost goes up to $18.99/month. View the flyer to learn more. 

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