Thumbtack | Thumbtack helps you book more profitable jobs

Jun 2, 2021

Thumbtackis the platform that gets you a steady flow of projects that fit your specific needs, from ready-to-hire customers interested in your business. How does it work? You tell Thumbtack what jobs you’re interested in, where you work, when you're available, and what kind of work you do. When a customer comes to Thumbtack with a job, they start by searching. They see search results in real-time with pro profiles, reviews, ratings and more. When your preferences match a customer’s job details, you show up in their search results. If they’re interested in your business, they’ll get in touch. You only pay when an actual customer chooses to contact you specifically. As a PTN preferred vendor, Thumbtack provides you additional support with a free pre-built profile, personalized 1:1 guidance from a Success Manager, credit for free leads, plus refunds and protection.