Legal Action Bureau | Debt Recovery Agents for Your Business

Jun 2, 2021

Legal Action Bureauis honored to be a PTN preferred vendor serving all Neighborly brands franchise owners. Its goal for you is simple: to respectfully recover any funds rightfully owed to your company in a timely manner. LAB utilizes a myriad of resources, all in compliance with FDCPA statutes, that allow it to make the impossible come true for your business. Getting started with LAB’s process is quick and simple. Its office never trivializes the amount, nor volume of debt. Its team is dedicated to recovery and executes the persistence needed to get any claim recovered, no matter how old. Also, they can utilize credit reporting for consumer/business files if necessary. LAB does not believe in being paid until the job is done! If you have any recovery needs, do not hesitate to call 888-360-0060.