Polar Vortex Relief Vendors

Feb 19, 2021

If you need any assistance with reaching out to vendors regarding purchase or rental, contact Alyssa Hernandez [254-745-2535;] or Sam Brittain [254-745-5081;].

SCI Supply & Rental

Contact: Ty Robinson; 678-614-9670;

  • SCI can move CAT trailers with a deposit
    • $55/dehus (100 dehumidifiers per trailer) & $12/air mover (300 air movers per trailer)
  • Requires whole trailers to be rented at one time (recommended that the cost be split between multiple franchise owners)


Contact: Austin Vanderveer; 817-713-0392;

  • Owners should reach out to local store or Austin directly as soon as possible and get on Sunbelt’s reservation board for equipment. There IS a delay on equipment transportation.


Contact: Jon Gray; 847-278-2752;

  • If an owner is on the fence about purchasing equipment, Jon suggested that they go ahead and order it so it’s at least reserved. An order can always be cancelled if they end up not needing it.

Key Items (best estimate at this time)

  • Air Movers:
    • Airmax / Airmax BLE : no word yet on the 3,000 units on order across both items
    • LPA1000 Blue & Red: ~100 Blue and ~300 red have been secured, currently working on securing delivery for early next week (if possible), location TBD
    • Typhoons: 506 shipping tomorrow, expecting delivery Thursday/Friday into Roselle (assuming no transportation delays, this could move out to the following week), ~270 available to ship while the remaining units are committed already, any open orders should be moved to Roselle and freight should be applied to customers who wants to receive their product more quickly
    • Velo: estimating ~200 trickling in through next week to various locations, no word on the remaining 2,500 on order
    • Velo Pro: estimated ~100 tricking in through the week to various location, no word on the remaining 700+ on order
  • Dehus:
    • Revo: ~100 en route to various locations next week, no word on the remaining 200+ on order
    • LGR6000: ~100 en route to various locations next week, no word on the remaining units on order
    • LGR7000: ~80 en route to various locations next week, no word on remaining 200 units on order
    • Drymax XL: ~100 en route to various locations next week, no word on remaining units on order
  • Heaters:
  • Firebirds: getting limited units in next week
  • Only other available heaters would be K&J Enterprises Special Order heaters — contact Kyle Marchewka ( for any future opportunities
  • Flood Pumpers:
    • KR-MEGA3: 47 units on order, vendor does not have reserve stock available, shipping product as it comes available, expecting some units next week

Restoration Specialties Franchise Group

  • Specialty content restoration vendor for residential and commercial electronics, art, textiles, and documents.

Contact: Dustin Warren; 419-806-7119;

Texas Area Representatives:

  • Electronic and Textile for all of Texas: Mike Kinney; 713-543-8750
  • ART of Central Texas: Bruce Horton; 512-557-2641
  • ART of Dallas/Fort Worth: Caesar Mercado; 469-975-2324
  • ART of Greater Houston: Ken Ramage; 281-253-6642
  • Large Loss: Leo Gusfa; 734-709-6846

Please Note:

  • Carriers are experiencing issues across the board with delays due to road conditions
  • Freight costs are extremely high right now due to the conditions and risks currently (expected to be an ongoing issue for some time)
  • C19 impact — suppliers and carriers are still experiencing issues with C19 regarding staff and production capabilities
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