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Apr 28, 2021

The following Neighborly® brands have recently updated their logos – please be sure to download the latest files for future use.

New Logo Updates:
Real Property Management® (Canada) – New Trading Partner
Five Star Painting® – Brand Refresh
Precision Door Service® – New Neighborly brand
ShelfGenie® – New Neighborly brand
More Recent Logo Updates:
Real Property Management (US) – Now Has The "a neighborly® company" Tagline
Dryer Vent Wizard® – Now Trademarked (™); New Neighborly brand
HouseMaster® – New Neighborly brand
Molly Maid®, Mosquito Joe®, Mr. Appliance® & Mr. Electric® – Now Registered (®)
Glass Doctor® – Now Split Into Two: Glass Doctor Auto & Glass Doctor Home+Business
Existing franchise owners will continue operating as full-service Glass Doctor businesses.

All brand logos include the "a neighborly® company" or "a neighbourly® company" (for Canada) taglines. Previous logos using ™ after Neighborly, any logos without the tagline, the Dwyer Group logo, mentions of Dwyer Group, and older versions of any brand logo should no longer be used. If you have any questions, please contact our Vendor Relations team.
Note: RPM Canada is the only brand that will not have the Neighborly tagline.


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