Thyrv | Targeted Local Marketing

Oct 26, 2020

At Thryv | Berry Network we too are in the business of fixing leaks and keeping things flowing.

With targeted local advertising solutions such as print and online Yellow Pages, we stop the leak of wasteful spending using adverting that hits at least 80% of your target audience. Since referrals are a key component of your business, our social media programs keep the conversation flowing with regular posts, blogs and ad content. And, finally, when emergencies happen, our direct mail magnets are always in plain sight offering the critical contact information consumers need to reach you quickly. So, stop the flood of mass advertising to everyone, when what you really need is targeting advertising to your specific audience, and to those who buy from you most often.

Contact your Thryv| Berry Network Business Advisor for Mr. Rooter, Tammy Henry, at or 251-463-2503.

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