5 Ways to Spend Your Rebate Check

Oct 1, 2019

It’s money time! PTN helps you save money every day, and now it’s time to put those funds to good use. Here are five ways you can spend your rebate:

Attend Reunion

Reunion is the not-to-be-missed event of the year. Use that rebate check! Franchisees tell PTN every year — rebates can pay for their entire trip, making it that much more enjoyable and relaxing.

Tell the Crew Thanks

You’ve got great employees that work hard for you all year long. Show your appreciation with a fun team outing (Top Golf, anyone?), take the work fam to dinner, or even better, share the wealth with a little bonus on payday.

Spread the Love

Do you have a favorite charity? Donating part or all of your rebate check to a cause you care about is always a good idea. You get to make a difference in someone’s life — and doesn’t that just give you the warm fuzzies? — plus, it’s a smart financial move if it’s tax-deductible.


Offset Expenses

The money you save with PTN vendors is a great way to offset the cost of your business expenses. Was a new computer just not in the budget this year? Could your techs use a few more iPads? Are you interested in ramping up your marketing? You’ve got money back in your pocket; now you can think about putting it back in your business.

Splurge a Little

Whether you finally take that dream vacation you deserve or you decide to upgrade the home theater system, rebate time is the perfect time to Treat. Yo. Self.