Spartan | The TrapJumper

May 31, 2019

undefinedThe strength and flexibility needed to go beyond the bend.

Introducing the TrapJumper camera by Spartan Tool. The TrapJumper is the newest addition to the Explorer video inspection system line. The TrapJumper is a lightweight push-rod camera, flexible enough to handle the tight bends and curves of a commercial trap pipe, but still retains the strength to be pushed the distance – up to 130 feet! It comes with a self-leveling camera and high output LED light ring. The TrapJumper’s innovative design places the sonde in the camera, protecting it from the elements and potential damage. This design also gives the spring 360° flexibility while pushing through the trap. In similar camera systems, the sonde is built into the spring which can hinder flexibility and exposes the sonde to abrasive conditions and potential damage. The TrapJumper is a lightweight pipe inspection system, conveniently portable and designed to get you around those tight bends.