Update From Luke Stanton, PTN President | Team Additions & Changes

Feb 21, 2019

To support our growing program, we're excited to welcome two new associates to the PTN team!

Trent Matthews is our Procurement Specialist. As a part of the procurement team, he'll research potential vendors and help build out the brands' supply chains.


Trent Matthews
Procurement Specialist

Jeri Hicks joins the team as a Franchisee Relations Coordinator (FRC) for Five Star Painting® & Mr. Electric® franchisees.


Jeri Hicks
Franchisee Relations Coordinator

Other Exciting News: Leadership Updates

Brandi Haslam has been promoted to Vice President of Operations. Over the last five years, Brandi has demonstrated great leadership as we've sought to offer value to franchisees and vendors in a way that has exceeded expectations. This includes how we're marketed as a brand and how we support our incredible vendors.


Brandi Haslam
Vice President of Operations

Alyssa Hernandez has been promoted to Franchise Relations Manager. During the last two years, Alyssa has been key in operationalizing our internal sales team of FRCs. In this role, she'll work with the FRC team to continue streamlining franchisee training and assist with the execution of PTN's strategic initiatives for each brand.


Alyssa Hernandez
Franchise Relations Manager

Please join us in welcoming our new associates and congratulating Alyssa & Brandi!

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