Oct 25, 2017

PTN has been working hard this year to add value to your preferred vendor program, and our hard work is literally paying off! This year at Reunion, we handed out 29 percent more money in rebate checks than last year. And to take it up another notch, those rebates don’t even account for the savings you got upfront from PTN vendors!

That is incredible! But what made this rebate growth possible?

For starters, we expanded the PTN team! We’re running more Rebate Double Checks than ever, making sure you’re maximizing your rebates and savings in the program. We’re also focused on bringing you MORE in every way possible — increased rebates, rebate stacking incentives, and an expanded vendor network. These changes have led to higher participation and more rebates across all brands!

But we’ve only been able to be successful because of your help! For instance, we heard your countless requests for vehicle maintenance. Driven by your suggestions, we now have a partnership with TBC Corporation — parent company for Tire Kingdom, NTB, Big O Tires, and Merchant’s. In just six short months, PTN members have earned more than $21,000 in rebates with TBC. For those who don’t have a TBC Corporation company location nearby, or if do your vehicle maintenance in house, we’ve also added AutoZone to the program.

If you’ve yet to take advantage of the new partnerships and incentives available to drive more value to your business, you’re missing out! Who wants to intentionally throw money away? No one! If you didn’t hear “Cha-Ching!” when you opened your rebate check this year at Reunion, then we want to hear from you! With just a five to 10-minute phone call, we can review your account by doing a Rebate Double Check, and you could save thousands of dollars!

Everyone loves the sound of money, right?