FAQs Answered

Jan 20, 2017

From finding your list of vendors to when you get your rebate, here are a few of the most frequently asked questions about ProTradeNet:

IsProTradeNet part of Dwyer Group®?

Yes! We were created in 2005 by Dwyer Group, exclusively for its franchise brands, and we are located on campus in Waco, Texas.

How do I know which vendors are part of the PTN program?

An updated list can always been found at under “Preferred Vendors.”

How do I know if a vendor offers a rebate and/or special pricing?

All vendors offer special pricing. If a vendor offers a rebate, it will be indicated on the vendor’s landing page with an orange badge icon. The vendor descriptions in our annual Vendor Directory also indicate if a vendor offers a rebate.

Where can I find information about new vendors?

You can always reference the website for an up-to-date list of vendors. Under PTN Announcements, the “New Vendors” post will provide a list of the vendors most recently added to the program. ProTradeNet also sends out a quarterly franchisee newsletter and makes regular announcements on your brand's intranet site that contain information about new vendors.

For more details about navigating the website, watch our quick website tour.

How do I know if my purchases are getting tracked?

The best way to ensure your purchases are being tracked is with a Rebate Double Check (RDC). Make a list of all PTN vendors that you purchase from, and we will run a RDC to make sure you’re receiving your maximum savings and rebates from preferred vendors. We also recommend checking our list of vendors periodically because we’re always growing and adding vendors.

When do I get my rebate?

Rebate checks are currently distributed at brand conferences and Reunion.

What does "rebate stacking" mean?

We have rebate agreements with several distributors as well as manufacturers. When you buy a product from one of PTN's distribution partner as well as from one of our manufacturing partners, that is an opportunity for you to stack your rebates, receiving a rebate from both the distributor and manufacturer.

How do I recommend a new vendor for the PTN preferred vendor program?

If you’re working with a vendor separate from our program that you think would be a good fit for other franchisees, please send them to to fill out a vendor application. We also recommend emailing or calling PTN to let us know about your referral.

To be considered all vendors must provide services nationally (in the US, Canada, or both). Please be aware, we only admit a select number of vendors per category for the mutual benefit of members and vendors.

Who do I call if I have questions or issues about the program or a PTN vendor?

Should you have any questions or concerns, you can contact ProTradeNet. The PTN team is here to advocate for you whenever necessary.

Still have questions about the PTN program? Contact PTN, or visit our FAQs on the website.