Myth vs. Reality: Consumer Financing

Apr 26, 2017

Learn the truth about consumer financing.

It’s easy to make assumptions about how consumers think. However, research and analysis show that customers are using financing to their advantage, and business owners who don’t offer consumer financing options may be walking away from sales.

Myth 1: “My customers all pay cash; so I don’t need financing…”


85% of cardholders feel promo financing makes larger purchases more affordable.*

75% of cardholders always seek promo financing options when making a large purchase.*

44% of cardholders who used financing to make a purchase say they would not have made the purchase or would have gone to another retailer if financing was not available.*

Myth 2: “Customers end up paying interest charges with these offers”


Over 89% of all cardholders who selected a Deferred Interest promotion paid off their balance in full within the promotional period and therefore did not pay interest.*

Partners can offer customers a choice of “Deferred Interest” or Reduced Rate/Fixed Pay financing options to meet their various financing needs.

Myth 3: “My customers don’t need financing; and neither do I…”


A person’s household income or credit rating may not correlate with their likelihood to find value in utilizing financing to make purchases.

There are many reasons why people appreciate credit as a payment option. That’s why it is important to offer financing as an option to every customer

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*Source: 2015 Annual Major Purchase Shopper Study conducted by a third party for Synchrony Financial. Click here to learn more about Synchrony. If you have any questions or would like to get a rate sheet to view packages available contact Dan Pramis at 603.628.2333 or