5 Reasons to Use PTN Vendors

Oct 26, 2016

PTN Vendors vs. The Other Guys

You can use any vendor you want, but WHY would you want to? ProTradeNet was created by Dwyer Group in 2005 exclusively for its franchisees. Offering special pricing and rebates, the PTN preferred vendor program is completely unique in the franchise industry, and it’s completely FREE for you to use! If “free” isn't a good enough reason for you to use PTN, here are five more:

1. PTN Does the Heavy Lifting

We know you’re busy running your business, and you can probably find a more effective use of your time than researching vendors and haggling over prices. When you use an outside vendor, you do the legwork. When you use a PTN vendor, that work has already been done for you. Every vendor in the PTN program applies to be part of the program, and from there each one is extensively vetted. Once the vendor is admitted to our program, PTN negotiates special pricing and rebates on your behalf, saving you time and money.

2. You Save Money Upfront & On the Back End

All of our vendors offer a discount on products or services, so you’re always going to save money at the time of purchase, but most of our vendors also offer a rebate, and that can really add up! In 2015, we gave away $2.3 million in rebates to our members. We handed out checks to franchisees that ranged everywhere from $10 to $100,000. Some franchisees put their rebate money back into their business, others use it to pay for Reunion, some take their family on vacation, and one franchisee uses his rebate to pay out annual employee bonuses. How do you use your rebate check?

“The rebate check I receive at Reunion pays for my whole trip, making the whole event that much more relaxing.” — The Grounds Guys of the Rogue Valley

3. PTN Vendors Adhere to the Code of Values

ProTradeNet is highly selective when it brings on new vendors to the program. Our goal is to help you create strong business partnerships that benefit both you and our preferred vendors. To make that possible, we require that our vendors provide you with excellent customer service and adhere to Dwyer Group’s Code of Values. Vendors outside the PTN program aren’t held accountable to this standard.

4. Dedicated Representatives that Understand Your Business

Every PTN vendor has either one or several account reps dedicated to serving our members. When you call a PTN vendor and say, “I’m an Aire Serv franchisee (or a Mr. Electric, a Mr. Rooter, etc.),” there’s no need to explain your business. They know about Dwyer Group, they know that you’re a member of PTN, and they understand your business. Outside the network, you’re just another business owner — but with PTN, you’ll engage with elite vendors who are invested in the success of your business.

“I love using PTN vendors because it’s very simple to do business with them. I don’t have a lot of time to deal with people who don’t know our business and the products we use. It’s nice to work with people who deal with 100s of other franchisees. I call and they know who I am. It’s hassle-free.” — Mr. Appliance of East Texas

5. PTN is In Your Corner

ProTradeNet is more than a preferred vendor program; it’s also a dedicated team passionate about helping you develop successful business relationships.

When you use a vendor outside the PTN program, if that vendor doesn’t honor a discount, provide excellent customer service, or make things right when you’re unhappy with a product, you’re on your own to resolve any issues. But when you use a PTN vendor, the PTN team is here to advocate for you whenever necessary. On the occasion that you’re not happy with a product or service, these issues can be resolved because not only do our vendors care about “continuously striving to maximize internal & external customer loyalty,” but PTN does, too.

“If you’re using a vendor not in the program, and there is a similar vendor in the program, that’s not a very wise business decision.” — Aire Serv of Southern New Mexico