6 Ways to Celebrate the Arrival of Spring

Mar 24, 2016

Around here, we love spring! For theProTradeNet team, spring means more afternoon walks around campus during the Dwyer Group’s “recess” and more lunchtime outings to our local food trucks. What are your plans for celebrating the season? Take advantage of the warmer weather and enjoy a little bit of fresh air.

Farmers Market

What better way to celebrate spring than with fresh fruits & veggies? Heads down to your local farmers market to see what’s in season in your area.

Plant Seeds

Add a little life to your space with a bit of greenery. Plant some vegetables, decorative shrubs, or perennials in your backyard. If you’re limited on space, place a container on a patio or deck, add a pot of your favorite herbs to your kitchen window sill, or brighten up your workspace with a small potted plant.

Zoo Babies

It’s the season of growth & rebirth! Now is the perfect time to enjoy the sights and sounds of spring at the zoo. Take the family to enjoy all the cuteness of lion cubs, elephant babies, koala joeys and other newborns of the animal kingdom.

Wildflower Photos

What types of wildflowers grow in your area? Here in Texas, the arrival of spring isn’t marked by a day on the calendar but by the appearance of bluebonnets along the roadside. Grab your camera and find a wide open field because these seas of colorful wildflowers make the best backdrop for springtime family photos.

Spring Cleaning

It’s certainly not the most exciting spring tradition, but there are few things more satisfying than a thorough cleaning. Cleaning out the clutter and sweeping away the dust not only reorganizes your house, it can recharge your mind! A clean, tidy home can restore calm and relieve stress.

Get Outside

Take a walk. Fly a kite. Enjoy a picnic. Relax in a hammock. Play in the rain. Go camping. Whether it’s a family outing, a romantic afternoon or a peaceful moment of solitude, this warm and sunny weather presents endless possibilities for enjoying a little fresh air.