Stay Cool, Stay Safe

Jul 19, 2016

As we settle into the warmest time of the year, it’s important to keep your workers safe while they work in hot environments. Whether its high air temperatures, direct sun, or mechanical heat sources, several of ProTradeNet’s preferred vendors can help you protect your workers from the heat by making sure they stay cool and well-hydrated.

For seasonal uniform options, contact any of our preferred uniform vendors. Each of them have several options for hats and baseball caps — mesh, moisture-wicking, quick-dry, neck capes, visors and even hats treated to reflect UV rays. Where your technician uniform guidelines allow, our preferred vendors also provide several choices ofmoisture-wicking shirts and polos that provide extra breathability for your employees. Beyond temperature-appropriate clothing,cooling towels, bandanas, and vests might also be useful in keeping workers cooler for longer periods of time.

As your crews battle against the heat, make sure they have ready access to ways to stay hydrated. Several vendors carry multi-gallon water coolers, hydration backpacks, and water bottles. In addition to water, you can also offer your workerssports drinks that replenish the electrolytes and sodium they lose through perspiration. Finally, if you have workers getting lots sun exposure, stress the importance of sunscreen. Browse vendors in our parts & supplies category for these hydration and sun protection products.

In the summertime, working in the heat is just a fact of life for most of your employees, but you can help them beat the heat by keeping them safe, cool and hydrated.

Uniform Vendors:

Darter Specialties

G & K Services

Get Noticed


Safeguard Marketing Solutions

The Image Group


Parts & Supplies Vendors:

AM Leonard


MSC Industrial Supply


The Home Depot | The Home Depot Canada