The Bottom Line: Stay Afloat with PTN

Jan 26, 2016

As a business owner, you know how quickly your expenses can add up, but with ProTradeNet, so can your savings. In 2015, ProTradeNet distributed over $2 million in rebates, and countless more dollars were saved through upfront discounts from preferred vendors. Keep your business afloat, and check out these four tips for maximizing your savings with PTN preferred vendors:

1. Visit the PTN website regularly

From new vendors to vendor promotions, we post new information on the ProTradeNet website every week. Make sure you receive the savings you’re entitled to by staying informed.

2. Recharge your business with our Vendor Jumpstart section

This special section connects you with vendors that are essential to growing your business. New franchisees are particularly encouraged to start here when visiting our website, but even the most established franchisees can benefit from reassessing their core vendors by taking a closer look at our Vendor Jumpstart section.

3. Stay in the loop with news from PTN

In addition to the regular savings offered every day, several vendors offer exclusive promotions and extra discounts throughout the year. We always include details about these promotions in our quarterly member e-newsletters, under Vendor Spotlight on the member homepage, in your brand’s e-newsletters and on your brand connection site. It’s important to always read these quick updates so you don’t miss out on time-limited opportunities.

4. Do a Rebate Double Check

At any time, a PTN professional can run a Rebate Double Check for you. This is PTN’s internal report that helps make sure that all of your purchases with preferred vendors are being tracked and reported.

Replacing old equipment, fueling up your fleet of vehicles, outfitting a new hire, sending out direct mail campaigns — don’t let expenses, big or small, sink your ship. Call ProTradeNet today!