Sharing Holiday Traditions

Dec 20, 2016

What is your favorite wintertime holiday tradition? The ProTradeNet team shares some of their favorite family traditions from the holiday season:

“Mine, of course, revolves around sweets. My wife’s family will come up for Christmas a few days before to bake cookies and, my favorite is haystacks. They’re mini pretzel sticks covered in melted chocolate chips and butterscotch chips!” -Jake Myers, Franchisee Relations Coordinator

“My three sisters, mom, grandma, and I all wake up on Christmas morning and head straight to the kitchen. All of our family traditions start there. While my grandma is making her signature biscuits and gravy from scratch (my absolute favorite), I play barista making everyone’s favorite caffeine morning drink: coffee for myself and my sisters — all taken differently of course — and fresh iced tea for my mom and grandma to get us ready for a long day of fun and cooking.” - Brandi Haslam, Director of Vendor & Franchise Relationships

“On Christmas Eve, my husband and I sit by the Christmas tree and exchange gifts with each other. Stockings are a major part of our gifts. We fill each other’s stockings with fun little gifts, and we also enjoy spoiling our two “fur children” by filling their stockings with lots of little toys and treats.” - Allison Hinojosa, Franchisee Relations Coordinator

“’Happy Festivus’ is the traditional greeting of Festivus*, a holiday my father created. Festivus is celebrated on December 23. Festivus is ‘A Festivus for the rest of us!’ Instead of the traditional tree we have an unadorned aluminum pole, which is in direct contrast to normal holiday materialism. Festivus activities include: the Airing of Grievances which is an opportunity to tell others how they’ve disappointed you in the past year, followed by a Festivus dinner, and then the celebration is concluded with the Feats of Strength where the head of the household must be wrestled to the floor & pinned.” - Andrew Bush, Purchasing Agent

“We all get together on Christmas Eve. We play games until it’s dark, and then we all try to pile in one car and go look at Christmas lights. After, we go back to my parents’ house to open ONE gift each. One year, we couldn’t figure out where we all wanted to go eat, so my dad (who was driving all around) had finally had enough and said, ‘You know what, HEB has a great salad bar!’ So that’s where we went to eat. To this day, my dad ALWAYS says, ‘HEB has a great salad bar,’ and we all yell, ‘NO!’” - Jennifer Dawson, Franchisee Relations Coordinator

My husband and our twin daughters bake cookies every Christmas Eve. They love making cookies just for Santa and always pick out the best one for his plate. Then the girls write letters to Santa and place them next to his milk and cookies.” - Christina McEwen, Financial Reporting Manager

“My husband and I love to travel, and as one of our souvenirs from each trip, we always get an ornament for our Christmas tree. I love how personal each one makes our tree. Every year as we unpack and decorate the tree, we’re always reminded of our exciting adventures together. Some of my favorite ones are a miniature Big Ben from England, a small stained glass of cherry blossoms from D.C., and an Alaska Native bear by a local artist from Juneau.” -Kathleen Seaman, Communications Specialist

“We used to set traps for Santa growing up. We almost got him twice. We had an elaborate array of pots and pans that were suspended from the ceiling. The trip wire was set to the glass of milk. When Santa grabbed the glass to quench his thirst, BOOM! Pots and pans everywhere.” -Luke Stanton, COO

From our family to yours:

*Originally a family tradition of scriptwriter Dan O'Keefe, who worked on the American sitcom Seinfeld, Festivus entered popular culture after it was made the focus of the 1997 episode "The Strike".


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