5 Keys to Achieving Success as a Team

Apr 18, 2016

This past week, the ProTradeNet team had the opportunity to facilitate a team building session at PowerCon, Mr. Electric’s annual conference.

We divided about 50 Mr. Electric franchisees into several teams, and to get warmed up, we started with several minute-to-win-it games. One game required participants to use nothing but a spoon in their mouths to transfer 5 ping pong balls from one bowl to another in less than a minute. For another, we asked a member of each team to stand at the front of the room and strap an empty tissue box to their back. It was then filled with 8 or 10 ping pong balls. When the clock started, they had to shake and shimmy until all of the balls had fallen out. This was hysterical to watch and definitely the crowd favorite.

In the next phase of our activity, the teams competed in an escape-room style challenge. The teams rotated through multiple stations. One station required a team to cross the gap between two wood pallets without touching the ground, and their only assistance was a too-short 2-by-4. At another station, a blindfolded team member had to blow through a straw to guide a ping pong ball through a labyrinth – no hands and no touching the ball. The other team members could only guide and direct. Two other stations featured mind-bending riddles. After successfully completing a station, the team received a clue. Together, those clues pointed toward the correct combination to a final padlock. The teams had to complete the stations and crack the final code in under an hour. The first team to finish won bragging rights and a tasty prize.

After completing the challenges, each team ended the session by discussing the lessons they could apply to running their business. Here are the five key takeaways from Mr. Electric’s team building:

Balance of Efficiency & Respectful Communication

Everyone likes to finish first, so when completing a job, it might seem like finishing quickly should be your priority. However, to truly succeed your speedy efficiency should be accompanied by a conscious effort to speak or correspond respectfully with your team members and customers. Think about quality - not just quantity.

Focus Determines Success

The most successful groups in our team building challenge were the ones that had laser-like focus. They didn’t allow themselves to be distracted by disruptions in the room or the progress of the other teams. By concentrating on their own goals and objectives, they were able to be more productive. As a business owner, don’t get sidetracked by your competition. Focus on overcoming your obstacles and achieving your own goals, and success will follow.

Grow your Strengths & Complement your Weaknesses

We can’t all be great at everything. Rather than spending all of your energy trying to improve your weaknesses, focus on your strengths and work on growing them, and when you’re building a team, recruit people who will complement your limitations. The key to success is to focus on creating an all-around team instead of an all-around person.

Trust Your Team

A group without trust isn’t a team. Without trust, people don’t feel safe to share ideas or rely on each other. But when there is trust, a group is stronger, more effective, and cohesive, and the group is able to achieve meaningful goals.

And of course…Have Fun in the Process!