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Jun 27, 2018

Product Spotlight: The Locator

Spartan Tool ’s handy locator meets the rigors of the job and allows you to locate in virtually any pipe material. Besides drain lines, the Spartan locator enables you to map existing lines from other services to ensure your safety when digging. The ...

May 3, 2018

Wohler Launches New Product

Wohler VIS 700 High Definition Inspection System The Wohler VIS700 inspection camera provides flexible features needed for a variety of inspection applications. The Wohler VIS700 is an ideal inspection camera for waste water pipes, flue gas, and ...

May 3, 2018

Zone ESP: No Bypass Damper Necessary

The new iO ZoneESP zone panels, distributed by Jackson Systems, are equipped with award-winning electronic static pressure control technology that eliminates the need to install a bypass damper. As the zone dampers open and close, the static pressure ...

May 3, 2018

Learn Lennox

As your partner, Lennox goes beyond traditional product training with resources to help you and your employees succeed at every level of your business. Satisfied customers are more profitable customers. Whether you're looking to onboard new ...

Nov 14, 2017

Meet the New T4 Thermostat

They say that “innovation is change that unlocks new value . ” That is certainly true of Honeywell, who has served the HVAC contractor well with innovations that have changed our industry for many years! Most of us are aware that Honeywell will be ...